Welcome to the Subcommittee on Highway Transport

The Subcommittee on Highway Transport (SCOHT) is AASHTO's oldest subcommittee in continuous existence.  SCOHT addresses all policy, regulatory, safety and enforcement issues impacting the ability of States to develop and maintain their interstate, national and state highway segments of an efficient national freight transportation network.

SCOHT serves as the Highway modal lead for the AASHTO Freight Transportation Network and Special Committee on Intermodal Transportation and Economic Expansion.

SCOHT members include all 52 AASHTO participating transportation departments as well as key Federal and international ex of​ficio liaisons.

The latest subcommittee news and information can be found using the navigation menu on the left of the page.  For more information please contact Katelyn Dwyer at 202-624-3698



Matt Hedge, PennDOT


Upcoming Meeting
SCOHT Annual Meeting

The 2017 SCOHT Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management (SCOTSEM) and TRB Critical Infrastructure Committee (ABR 10) in Houston, Texas, Sunday, July 30-Thursday, August 3. Register now.