Subcommittee Bylaw

The Subcommittee shall be concerned with the interrelationship between commercial vehicle operations and the highway systems of the United States. It shall evaluate the degree to which the needs of interstate commerce are met by the highway systems in their current state of improvement under existing laws, policies and practices, and make recommendations that contribute to improving the efficiency of highway systems to handle commercial vehicles with due regard to public safety and the conservation and cost of the highway plant.


It shall maintain liaison with those agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation involved with safety, size and weight issues, intelligent transportation systems, and other related aspects of commercial vehicles; the commercial vehicle industry and its representative associations regarding vehicle design and standards and practices associated with commercial motor vehicle operations; the Department of Defense concerning military equipment needs; and other external organizations as necessary to achieve the mission of the Subcommittee.


It shall promote uniformity of size and weight laws and administrative enforcement procedures among the various states. It shall also maintain the AASHTO Guide for Maximum Dimensions and Weights of Motor Vehicles and for the Operation of Nondivisible Load Oversize and Overweight Vehicles. It shall review, monitor, and participate in studies and proposals related to the commercial use of public highways, and it shall identify and report to its parent Standing Committee on any federal regulatory mandates or issues of national concern.


Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership thereon. To ensure consistency and the best thinking of the Association, the Subcommittee shall work cooperatively, as appropriate, with other technical committees and subcommittees.