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Highway System Map​


Northeast Association of State Transportation (NASTO)

Western Association of State Highway

Truckload Carriers Association

Motor Freight Carriers Association

American Trucking Association Information Center

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Owner-Operator Independent Association

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

Truck Net (Largest Trucking Industry Databases available anywhere on the Net)

Tank Transport ( is dedicated to serving the tank transportation industry)

The American Highway Users Alliance


House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure

Senate Committee of Commerce, Science, & Transportation

Federal Government:

Federal Highway Administration U.S. Department of Transportation

FHWA Truck Size and Weight

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration



Research Associations:

Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center

Wisconsin Highway Research Program

Highway Research Center-Auburn University

Transportation Research Board

State Highway Sites: (For More Information on Specific DOT’s go to AASHTO’s Homepage for all State Listings)

Hawaii’s Highway

Idaho Department of Motor Carrier Services

Illinois Division of Highways

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Motor Carriers

Virginia Department of Transportation –Trucking Resources

Nevada Department of Transportation

New York Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Information

New Mexico Department of Highway Transportation & Trucking

Massachusetts Highway Department

Washington State DOT Division of Highways

Maine DOT Division of Highways

Oregon DOT

Texas DOT

Minnesota DOT for Motor Carriers

New Jersey DOT for Motor Carriers

Illinois DOT for Motor Carriers

North Carolina DOT for Motor Carriers

News & Events

The Trucker

ITS America News Room$first!OpenDocument

TruckNet Information Portal

Land Line Trucking Magazine

Today's Trucking

Logistics World Virtual Library: Trucking


America on the Move The Smithsonian Institution opens a new permanent exhibition which examines how transportation has changed the United States from 1876 to the present. The exhibition will be housed in the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, but even if you can't visit the museum, this Web site presents an interesting tour of its own. The site is divided into three primary areas; Exhibition, Collection and Themes. The Exhibition section presents 18 slices of transportation through the years. Smithsonian Institution Exhibit

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